Frequently Asked Questions

Is Custom Fit Training right for me?

CFT is a great fit for anyone who is serious about setting and achieving his or her fitness and/ or wellness goals. Regardless of your age or current level of fitness, I will create a program that meets your specific needs. 

I’m a competitive athlete. What can Custom Fit Training do to help me prepare for my sport?

Athletic performance and resistance to injury, priorities for any athlete, require a foundation of such measures as strength, stamina, and movement quality. CFT will help build this foundation while also preparing the athlete for the unique demands of his or her sport.

I’m not in very good shape, don’t enjoy exercising, and have no idea of what to do or how to do it. However, I recognize that my wellness depends on me making some changes. Can you help me? 

If this is your starting point, you are not alone! Many people want to make positive changes but lack the skills to do so. These are among my favorite clients to work with because there’s so much potential for improvement, and many of those improvements become quickly evident. I find that many of these reluctant clients warm to their fitness program as they gain a little bit of know-how and see for themselves how good it feels to incorporate some positive lifestyle changes. 

I have an injury. Can I still train at CFT?

An injury doesn’t necessarily mean that you should completely avoid activity. Depending first on what the injury is and any restrictions your physician may impose, I will work with you to create a plan that allows maximum benefit while complementing your rehabilitation. 

What’s the purpose of the introductory block?

My priorities during the 10-session intro block include assessing the client’s overall movement quality by evaluating such factors as his or her motor control, flexibility, and the presence of any injuries; teaching various principles of sound exercise and movement mechanics; identifying the client’s goals and working to establish a plan to reach them; and building a partnership conducive to success. 

After completing my intro block, can I continue to do personal training?

Clients who complete their 10-session intro block are then given the opportunity to take part in Flex sessions, where they continue to receive personalized programming and instruction in a private to semi-private setting. CFT no longer offers personal training beyond the intro-block period. 

I have significant exercise experience. Can I skip the intro block and go right to Flex?

The intro-block period serves various purposes, all of which help me better serve the client. So, while I won’t rule anything out, it would be a very rare case in which I’d allow a client to bypass the intro block and skip right to Flex.

Do I have to schedule each Flex session I plan to attend?

No, the flat monthly Flex fee entitles members to come in at their convenience any time during Flex hours. There’s no need to sign up if you’re coming or cancel if plans change and you can’t make it. Regardless, a workout created for your unique needs will be ready for when you arrive.

Will I receive enough attention during my Flex workout?

Each client receives as much instruction, supervision, and encouragement as he or she needs and wants. Although you may be sharing the space with others, you will leave your workout feeling like you got as much attention as you would receive during a personal-training session.

How long will my Flex workout take?

Each workout I create is generally meant to be about 45-60 minutes. If you’re running short on time, however, we can always adjust the plan to fit your schedule.

It’s a busy time for me, and I’ll only be able to get to the gym a few times this month. Do I still have to pay the full price for Flex?

Assuming your schedule won’t allow more than six visits during the month, you may find it more cost effective to pay a $40 drop-in fee each time you visit.

What are the busiest Flex times?

Presently, there are no predictable peak times. Flex attendance varies at any given time, usually between 0 and 3 clients. 

How long will it take to see results?

The amount of time it takes to see some results in your physical appearance is dependent on many factors, including your diet, training frequency and type, and your starting level of fitness. Generally speaking, though, most adherents to a well-designed diet and exercise program will begin to see changes within approximately six weeks. Other types of improvement, however, in areas such as mood and strength, typically appear much more quickly. 

What is a CSCS, NSCA-CPT?

A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) is a nationally recognized certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). According to the data from 2017, 53% of applicants pass the CSCS exam. An NSCA-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) is an additional nationally recognized certification. The pass rate for that exam is 76%. While the fitness industry offers many personal-training certifications of varying degrees of difficulty, I chose to pursue these, the CSCS in particular, because they have a reputation for being the most challenging in the industry. I knew that the level of preparation needed to pass these exams would serve me well in my career and feel that my clients have benefitted from that decision.  

Do you offer nutrition counseling? 

Nutrition is vital to wellness and the success of any exercise program. I routinely provide general nutritional guidance to promote overall health and help clients meet their fitness goals. Further, I can refer you to specialists in the field if you are looking for more comprehensive nutritional counseling and body-composition analysis.

Where are you located?

Custom Fit Training is on 1A in Plainville, in between South Street Pizza and Antiques on 1A. It’s within a mile of the Wrentham Outlets and Exit 15 of 495.

How do I get started?

The first step is to call or email to schedule a free, no obligation meeting. This will allow us to discuss your background and goals and determine if Custom Fit is the right fit for you.